Thursday, February 25, 2010

EcoSmart Fireplaces

Product: EcoSmart Fireplaces

Manufacturer: Ecosmart
   Contact: +1 310 914 3335

This innovative design for open fireplaces is not only striking, but it has many environmental benefits too.  It is fueled by denatured ethanol which is renewable and comprised of biological products.  Also, it can meet anybody's taste because there doesn't need to be a flue, and it can be designed in a variety of ways for many applications. The fireplace also qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit, so it is extremely beneficial.

Gage Steel Flooring

Product: Gage Steel Flooring System by Platinum-Armor

Manufacturer: The Gage Corporation, Int.

 Contact: 800-786-4243

This floor is made of heat treated steel, with a galvanized face.  It has a rubber support system underneath.  It can be laid upon concrete, or any existing floor.  It has a simple installation and is easy to clean. It has a LEED seal and the pre-consumer recycled content of atleast 40%.

Coconut Tile

Product:Coconut Tiles

Manufacturer: Nemo Tile Company, Inc
Contact: 1-800-NEMO-TILE

These tiles are made from coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded, making them very environmentally friendly.  The coconut shells are fused together with an organic resin that keeps the shells intact and resistant to mechanical wear and breakdown.  Grout is never needed and it can be used in a variety of applications, including furniture.  The tiles come in a variety of colors and finishes, to add a unique touch to any space.

Ameba Lighting

Product: Ameba Lighting by Pete Sans

Manufacturer: Vibia Inc.
Contact: +34 93 497 6971

This fluorescent light system is extremely versitile and can be custom fit for every area in need.It has multiple parts that can stand alone or add to one big amoeba. It provides indirect and direct illumination and is made of acrylic and chrome.  This light is available in two colors.

Drape Table

Product:Spectrum West Drape Table
Manufacturer: Inmod
   Contact: 1-877-22-INMOD
No need for tablecloths when you have this innovative table! This is a recycleable and environmentally conscious table that is made up of acyrlic  produced by Polycast Technology Corporation.  It is resistant to UV, weather, exposure to fluorescents, corrosive atmospheres, and it is thermoformable. It comes in a small variety of colors, and measures 23"x32". This table is available for $1,250.00.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outdoor Fabric

Product: Aqua Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

Manufacturer: Duralee
   Contact: 1-800-468-0602

The fabric has a brown bamboo pattern that is resistant to fading, mold, and mildew.  It is 100% acrylic and is great for outdoor or sun flooded rooms.

Manufactured Stone

Product: Manufactured Stone: Anasazi Chisel

Manufacturer: Acme Brick
       Local Rep:(225)756-3303

Modeled after stones found in the Southwest and mountain states, the fabricated building stones are made from portland cement, mineral oxides, and lightweight aggregates.  These stones are much lighter than their inspirations, so applying them is simple.  Stones can even be hand chiseled at the jobsite.

Wall Flat

Product: Braille Wall Flat

Manufacturer: Inhabit
  Contact: 888-222-4410

The wall application is made of molded bamboo paper pulp, so it is eco friendly as well as three-dimensional.  The braille design gives dimension to the walls, and can be used for an entire room or just one application.  The surface is paintable and they can be recycled.  The wall art come in tiles, so tiles can be swapped out, or even rotated to create a different pattern.;jsessionid=0a010c641f43f487f3c83d2e437897c3a8fb63af59a5.e3eSc3mSaxuPe34Pa38Ta38Mb3j0

Rubber Flooring

Product: Rubber flooring-Sand Shark

Manufacturer: ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring
Contact: 877-326-7873
    Local Rep: Adele Daigle

Recycled rubber is what this flooring is made from, and it comes in a variety of colors and applications.  It comes in rolls or tiles and the durability makes it very appropriate for high traffic areas. It also has the potential for adding 9 points toward a LEED certification.

Ceiling Tiles

Product: Ceiling Tiles

Manufacturer: Ceilume 

These decorative tiles come in a variety of colors and select designs.  The ceiling tiles are moisture resistant and will improve a room's acoustics. They also will not discolor or warp. Cleaning can be done simply by wiping with a damp rag.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seagrass Sleigh Bed

Product: Seagrass Sleigh Bed

Manufacturer: Pottery Barn/William Sonoma
   contact: 1-888-779-5176

Made of dried and woven seagrass, this sleigh bed is environmentally friendly while coming in two different colors.  There are small variations in tone and texture of the bed, as to emphasize the natural element.  It is available in all sizes and is assembled in your home.

Interior Eggshell Enamal

Product: Premium Plus Interior Eggshell Enamel

Manufacturer: Behr Process Corporation
    Contact: 714-541-1002

    Local Rep: Home Depot

This interior paint is used for high traffic areas and has a velvet sheen.  It has a resistance to mildew and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Cleaning is simple with just soap and water and is very scrubbable.;view=17;vgnextoid=139a536658689110VgnVCM1000006f1010acRCRD

Portoro Marble

Product: Portoro Marble

Manufacturer: Ann Sacks
   Contact: 1-800-278-8453
Local Rep: Ann Sacks-Dallas

This dramatic black marble has white and gold veining and can be used on medium duty indoor applications, and some outdoor depending on the installation.  It should be periodically sealed, and comes in a limited selection of sizes.

Wall Partition-Aqui Glass

Product: Wall Partition-Aqui Glass

Manufacturer: Joel Berman Glass Studios Ltd.
   Contact: 1-800-505-4527
Local Manufacturer Rep: Sue Gorman and Associates
   Contact: Sue Gorman-Tyler

This textured glass is 3/8" used in a wall divider that looks like a pegboard.  It allows light to filter through, while still maintaining privacy. For day to day cleaning, a feather duster can be used.  For a deeper clean, spray and a towel can be used to rub dirt off the glass.

Woven Mesh: Futura 240

Product: Futura 240 Woven Mesh

Manufacturer: GKD Metal Fabrics
Contact: GKD-USA INK
Local: Andy Franks

Made of stainless steel, this woven mesh is made of rods with cables threaded through them.  It is 60% open so that light can still filter through and can span up to 26 feet in width. It is also flexible in one direction.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double Sided Countertop

Product: NUMERAR Double Sided Countertop

Manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden

The countertop is composed of moisture resistant particle board, melamine, and polypropylene.  It is very durable, having a heat and scratch resistant top, and an edging strip to prevent water seepege.  It can be cut to any desired size, and is reversable.

High Performance Upholstery-Akimbo Parchment

Product: Akimbo 001 Parchment

Manufacturer: Maharam Design Studio

The manufactering process of the upholstery has improved environmentally.  The print is an interesting, yet neutral weave. Usually used for seating, this fabric has an acrylic back and is stain resistant.  To clean, this upholstery can be washed with water and a mild water based cleanser, or diluted household bleach.

Natural Wallcoverings-Basket in Charcoal

Product: Basket 008 Charcoal

Manufacturer: Maharam Design Studio

Rayon and renewable linen make up this natural wallcovering.  Spaning a 36" width, the charcoal  wallcovering has a simple weave design that can be used in a many applications.  It is easily maintained by washing with water and a mild soap.

"Animal Attraction" Carpet

Product: "Animal Attraction" Print by Todd Oldham on Colorshield Carpet
Manufacturer: Durken/Mohawk
Local Representitive: Marcie Guidry

This Colorshield carpet made of fortis nylon has a delightful feather pattern while being very durable.  In addition to a 15 year wear life, a colorshield lifetime stain and color resistance warranty, static protection, and a two year manufacturers perfect warranty.

White Tigerwood Flooring

Product: White Tigerwood Flooring
Manufacturer: Eco Timber
Local Representitive: Allen Smith

This wood is 174% as hard as red oak.  It comes in random lengths and is 9/16" thick.  White Tigerwood Flooring is manufactered with formaldehyde-free adhesive and has many installation choices.  This exotic wood is similar to birch, and a simple wash with mild soap and water is all that is needed to maintain this flooring.