Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jellyfish Table

Product: Jellyfish Table

Manufacturer: Design Lush

This interesting occasional table is made from Bubinga wood, with oak tenticles and an acrylic base.  It is 26" long, 21" wide, and 32" high.  The jellyfish table is customizable and sure to make a statement.

Clearshade Panels

Product: Clearshade IGU Panels

Manufacturer: Panelite
  Contact: 212-947-8292

These energy saving panels are made from a polycarbonate cell core and a glass facade.  They are great for light and privacy, as they transmit 50 percent of light through them.  Best used for vertical applications, these panels come in a maximum size of 53"x120" and are exterior grade.  The glass and core are available in five colors.

"Indah" Tiles

Product: "Indah" Tiles in Circle Design

Manufacturer: Ann Sacks

This beautiful tile is made out of carved teak.  It is best used in indoor, dry areas for vertical application.  Moderate climates are suggested for outdoor applications.  These 12"x12" tiles are available in ten designs and come in polished, unfinished, whitewashed, or waxed.  To clean, a toothbrush and a damp towel are all that are necessary.  They are available for $82.50 per sq ft.

"Factory" Carpeting

Product: "Factory" Carpeting

Manufacturer: Shaw Hospitality Group
   Contact: 888-683-0197
   Local: Ken Thaller

This retro tufted carpet is a great statement piece.  It is made from solution dyed nylon and is part of the cradle-to-cradle process. It can be used for high-performance areas, and is available in sizes 12 feet, 13 feet, and 15 feet.  For maintenance one can vacuum, spot clean, or steam clean.

Silent Wall

Product: Silentwall

Manufacturer: Abet Group
  Contact: 800-228-2238
       +39 031-888-211

This wall reduces noise from heavily frequented rooms.  These panels are tongue and groove, so installation is easy.  They are available in 300 colors and a multitude of textures, images, or patterns.  It is an extremely modern and aesthetically pleasing way to reduce noise within a home, school, or building.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peach Pit Floors

Product: Peach Pit/("Pip") Floors

Manufacturer: Stone Fruit Floors
  Contact: +27 (0)82 448 3123

This innovative flooring is created by hand packing sanded peach pits and glueing them with silica sand, resin, and urethane.  These floors are quite durable, and can be used in a variety of areas.  The peach pit flooring is available in a number of stains, and also comes in tiles.  They have a low carbon footprint.

"Scream" Sculpture

Product: "Scream" Sculpture

Manufacturer: PIE(Project Import Export Inc)

This sculpture is made from stainless steel and aluminum.  It is based on the painting "The Scream", and looks like a gaping mouth.  It is 36"x36"x30" and is ecofriendly.